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The Three Counties Cider and Perry Association was founded in 1993 by a group of craft scale cider makers who came together at the cider and perry trials run by the The Big Apple at Putley in Herefordshire. Their intention was to improve the image and quality of farmhouse cider and perry.

From those early beginnings, membership has now grown significantly, with members being based not only within the Three Counties region, but from as far afield as Hampshire, North Wales and Dumfries & Galloway.

The current Committee Members of the Association, elected January 2020, are:

  • Simon Day, Once Upon A Tree – chair
  • Dave Sanders, Gryfter Cyder – vice chair
  • Albert Johnson, Ross on Wye Cider & Perry – secretary
  • Dave Sanders, Gryfter Cyder – treasurer
  • Richard Toft, Pershore College – technical adviser
  • Tom Tibbits, Artistraw Cider – membership
  • Rory Souter, Cotswold Cider Co – events
  • Dave Matthews, Bartestree Cider
  • Elizabeth Pimblett, The Cider Museum, Hereford
  • Lucie Mayerova, Naked Orchards – communications

The purpose of the Association is to represent, support and promote the interests of cider and perry producers primarily based in the Three Counties region of the UK (Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire).

The aims of the Association are:

1.1 To provide formal and informal forums in which members can meet and share knowledge and discuss matters relating to the cider industry and the related orcharding industry.

1.2 To provide educational opportunities for the membership that aim to help them to further their knowledge and to improve their cidermaking, orcharding and/or business skills.

1.3 To campaign and promote the virtues of authentic cider, the fruit from which it is made, the orchards where they are grown, and its culture and history, to decision makers, media, trade and consumer audiences.

1.4 To encourage the sustainable production of quality cider & perry that meets consumer requirements for safety, freedom from spoilage, transparency and traceability.

1.5 Orchards – to seek out ways to support endangered orchards and to highlight concerns more widely. To educate or to help educate on the environmental, well-being and cultural significance of our orchards.

1.6 To campaign for, to support and to work with others in legacy projects that relate to aspects of the cider industry.

1.7 To seek out and establish co-operation between the TCCPA and other aligned associations whether UK based or abroad, with the aim to increase knowledge and inspire our members.

1.8 To lobby legislative and regulatory bodies, both nationally and locally on matters related to the interests of our membership and in relation to our constitutional purposes and aims.

The association offers technical expertise through specialist guest speakers at its regular meetings, and aims not only to inform but to support members in dealing with trading legalities, health and safety matters, and forthcoming legislation. It organises tutored tastings and social events at which members can meet and exchange news and views. A competition is held annually at The Royal Three Counties Show (Malvern, Worcestershire) in June.

Membership is open to any cider- or perrymaker or enthusiast in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and the surrounding areas, whether making for sale or as a hobby, involved in related businesses, or simply interested in the subject.

Around six meetings are held every year, several of which are tastings. Additional meetings are added to the programme when interesting opportunities arise. The AGM is held in January. At least one meeting is held at a cider- or perrymaker’s premises, allowing members to see the art of cidermaking in practice.

The Association has over 150 members, providing a very useful network of knowledgeable contacts. The founding members of the Association were all traditional farmhouse cider makers, dedicated to producing a high quality drink fit for their own table. The drive for quality remains paramount.

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